Never Leave Home Without It

I like to keep as many of my hard earned coins as possible. Secure the bag and learn how to keep it. It's no secret that anything you buy in an airport is way over priced. Here are some of the essentials I keep in my carry on bag to keep me entertained and help save money.


I have a bag full of snacks with me at all times, regardless of if I'm at an airport or not. If there's one thing you can count on me for, it's snacks. I realized most people don't know you can actually bring your own food through security. I actually sat on a plane next to a woman who had a whole pack of raw chicken. Random, I know.

Make the time to prepare a meal or grab one on the way to the airport. You'll save a ton of money. There's also nothing worse than taking a late flight and not having the option to buy food or spending way more time in the airport than planned and having to spend more money on food than you planned (depending on the airline, you might end up getting a free meal for a delay).

I always fill my carryon with tons of snacks. Nuts, granola bars and fruit are my go to snacks. I also have a big sweet tooth so I have to have my dark chocolate. It keeps me from grabbing a pastry at Starbucks and undoing all of my hard work at the gym.


I prefer a good book over watching a movie. I keep a good book with me at all times. My latest reads are When God Winks at You and The Power of Positive Thinking. They're both great reads!

Stay Hydrated

Life does not happen without coffee! I usually limit myself to one cup a day (some days call for a gallon). The rest of the day I guzzle lots and lots of water. We all know you can't take liquids through security, but you can bring a water bottle. I'm not a fan of tap water, so I bought an alkaline water bottle. Alkaline water has many benefits! It improves hydration, mental clarity, energy levels, immunity and general health and wellbeing.

Stay Charged

One of my favorite gadgets is my solar charger. It's seriously the best thing ever. It can use battery or solar power. If the battery on the charger is low, I don't have to scramble to look for an outlet. It really comes in handy at the beach or pool.

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