One of the BEST Plant Based "Sausages" I've Ever Had!

I ate sausage!  Plant based sausage that is (lol).  I recently stumbled across the Field Roast brand and I'm in love!

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I tried their Italian, Mexican, and Apple Sage sausages and they were all delish.  My favorite is the Mexican Chipotle. It has a nice spicy kick to it.  The sausages are a grain base combined with veggies, fruits, and lots of flavor.  No soy here.  

The texture is like meat. My meat eater boyfriend tried some and didn’t even know it wasn’t meat.

They're packed also with 25-28 grams of protein per sausage so they’re very filling. It's a win all around. Use them in place of any meat sausage to make a recipe vegetarian or vegan. 

I used the Mexican flavor in a quinoa bowl.  Click here to see.

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