How to Crush Your Goals

Happy New Year! A new year usually means new goals for a lot of people, but most of theses hopeful people will already be off track by February. Gyms start to empty out, meal prepping becomes a thing of the past, and the hectic realities of adulting seem to once again consume our lives after the holiday hangover fades away.

How do we stay on track with our goals while still navigating our daily responsibilities? It seems impossible sometimes, but here are four ways to help you crush 2019.... and beyond. Click here to watch how to crush your goals.

Find Your "Why"

Start your goal setting by finding your "why". Your "why" is your purpose or cause. Knowing your reason why you want something will keep you going when you start to become discouraged, become "too busy", or get "too tired". Life is going to happen to all of us. If we don't have a burning desire to achieve a goal, we find excuse after excuse to cut ourselves slack until our goals fade away and like everyone else, we wait until January 1st of the next year to set new ones and the cycle begins again. It might take a little time to find your "why". Start by answering these questions: 1. What makes you come alive? 2. What are your strengths? 3. Where do you add the most value? 4. How will you measure your life? (

Set SMART Goals

Write Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Relevant, Trackable or (SMART) goals. SMART can also stand for S (simple, significant), M (meaningful), A (agreed), R (result-based), T (time-based).

S- Use specific numbers and dates. Say this: "I am going to reduce my body fat to 15% by July 1, 2019", not this: "I am going to lose weight."

M- Make your goal measurable. Say this: "I will lose 1% body fat a month", not this "I will lose fat."

A- How will you do it? Say this: "I will workout 1 hour, 5 times a week and meal prep once a week" not this, "I will workout and eat healthy."

R- Make sure your goal fits into your "why". If you are not passionate about achieving your goal, you will find any reason to not work towards it.

T- Make sure your goal has a date.

Write Your Goals

This may seem like an insignificant step, but there is power in writing down your goals. Studies have shown people who vividly write their goals down are more likely to achieve them. This is in part accredited to encoding. When we write our goals down and see them everyday, it sticks in our brains. We are also more likely to remember things we write ourselves.

Get an Accountability Partner

According to a study performed at Dominican University, people who write their goals and share them with a friend are over 30% more likely to be successful. When times get tough, it's always nice to have someone in your corner to keep you going or call you out when you get lazy. It's also nice to have someone to celebrate successes.

I have fitness goals, business goals, and personal goals. One tool that is helping me stay on track is a meal prep template I made. Going through my Pinterest, fining meals, and writing down the ingredients helps me spend less time in the store and eliminates the frustration of not knowing what I want to eat midweek.

I created another template to track my workouts. It says HIIT, but it can be used to track any workout. I write the exercises, reps and sets. Click the templates to download both of them for FREE.

I also want to see my goals as much as possible. I created lock screen/home screen images with affirmations and my goals. When writing affirmations, write as if it has already happened. Instead of using "I will" or "I want", say "I have" or "I am". "I am" is a powerful statement. Whatever you put after it starts creation. Choose your words wisely and monitor your thoughts. Regulating your thoughts can be difficult. We're hit with so much negativity daily. Click the images to download them for FREE and customize them with your own goals, affirmations, or make a vision board. I've also linked a few books that are helping me regulate my thoughts. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.*

Focus more on action and less on outcome. We can’t control outcomes, but we can control our actions. By creating productive habits we increase our chances of success. Let's make this year one for the books! We've got this!


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